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 Mangala Moorthy Anjani Nandan Hanumanji Maharaj



Welcome events -  Welcome at 8.00 AM. All Yajmans will be honored at the reception desk. Yajmans will go inside the temple, collect Kalash (Poorna Kumbh), place it at the designated location, and worship the deities before proceeding to their assigned seats. Sequential seat allocations will be made at the reception and a token will be handed over to the Yajmans with specific information. At 8.50 AM all reception activities will start winding down in preparation for an on time start of Sunderkand recital at 9.00 AM

Aachman - It is important that all participants maintain a pure body and mind while entering the temple. It is required that every one entering the shrine should do aachman. Volunteers will offer holy water. Follow their instructions. This is applicable even when you are returning back to the temple after getting out for a short bio break etc.

Children - There is a designated play area for children downstairs on the first floor. Volunteers will be watching them. Entertainments and basic snacks will be provided when Sundarkand is in progress. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that children will not distract the Sunderkand event.

Discipline - All participants are expected to maintain absolute discipline in the premise. Parents must take care of their children. It is a collective responsibility of the community to ensure that this Maha Yagya is completely successful. Do your part with absolute commitment and devotion.

Dress Code - This is a devotional function honoring God conducted in a temple. Every one is requested to dress appropriately. Traditional Indian dress is most welcome. Please avoid flashy/modern styles.

Fee - There is absolutely no fee charged for this event.  However, it is up to the devotees to make any charitable donations in favor of ISSA to cover the expenses for this Maha Yagya.

Infants - Parents must take care of  very small babies and infants. There will be a designated seating area for mothers taking care of infants. This  area is identified such that going out of the hall if necessary can be done with out distracting the function.

Medical emergency - There are identified medical doctors on premise for immediate help in case of a medical emergency. Please get in touch with any of  the volunteers to seek their attention.

Parking - All passengers must be dropped off at the main gate of the temple before parking the car. This will save some traffic for car parking etc. Over flow parking facilities are provided at the school campus 0.7 miles north of the temple. Drivers may drop the car at the school parking lot and avail the free shuttle facility to come back to the temple. Please ensure that the cars are locked and your valuables are protected.

Prasad - Maha Prasad will be arranged as lunch immediately after the event in the dining hall downstairs.

Recitation - There are 60 Doha's (sections) in Sunderkand. Each Doha will be completed with the following lines. Every line in last two Doha's will end with Sriram Jayaram Jaya Jaya Ram..
                                Siyavar Ram Chandra Pati Jai Sharanam Shankar Hari Ohm ...
                                Mangala Bhavan Amangala Hari Drawahu So Dasharath Ajir Vihari….

Seating - Seating will be assigned at the reception. There is a specific seat number for each location. Seat number allocation will be done as soon at the time of registration at the reception desk.

Volunteers - We anticipate the need for at least 50 volunteers for the smooth completion of this Maha Yagna. If you are willing to be a volunteer, please get in touch with any of the key contacts mentioned below or write to us at . Please indicate your areas of interest and the times when you are available. Help is needed before, during and after the Maha Yagya.


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